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Two more weeks, LIBR 203!

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2010 at 8:50 pm

Even considering that about half of the students in our course have completed all of the modules, the holiday weekend saw very little activity!!  Somehow, I’m not surprised.  😉  The ball started rolling again yesterday with a few submissions and one more student finishing up.  For the rest of you, keep up the steady progress and you’ll have 203 off your plate soon in order to focus on your other Fall course(s).

In other news, today is International Literacy Day (ILD).  Today’s news results for ILD paint an interesting picture of literacy movements around the globe.  As far as celebrating ILD, I feel a little sheepish in admitting that I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (I finally caved to the constant recommendations, and I see they’re also making a movie out of it now), but then again I am grateful to be able to read most anything I want to (as long as it’s printed in English and isn’t a tech manual or Cortázar’s Hopscotch, which I will manage some other day in the far distant future when I can give it my full attention).

I was pleased, while packing my house up to move, to find that my daughter (3.5 yrs old) has quite a collection of books!  Somehow it seems there are a lot more when they are packed in a pile of boxes than standing neatly in their bookshelf (to be fair, when she plays “bookstore” and dumps them all onto the floor, there is certainly a lot to pick up).  All the same, I’d like to be more mindful of developing a library for her that presents many different perspectives, and so I am grateful to a peer of mine who shared this page today of World Folktales for children.  As an undergraduate, I enjoyed a course on the representation of women in mythology and fairytales which proved to analyze gender through a historical, cultural, and theological lens.  I would love to foster my own child’s literacy with such a wide scope. 

So, Happy Literacy Day!  May you have the pleasure of reading something other than a textbook today. 🙂